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From Bipolar and Suicide Attempts to God’s Miraculous Love with Nichole Marbach

  Nichole has been miraculously healed of bipolar disorder and many other mental illnesses, suicide attempts, hospitalizations, abuse, and addictions. She has been medication free for many years now. As a result, she loves to point people … [Read More...]

DIVAS THAT PRAY – A Daily Dose of Inspiration

Diva Devotional: 6 Steps to Spiritual Renewal

Spiritual renewal is what happens when God pours out his Spirit on his people. When He is free to work powerfully in and through His people to show the world how real and mighty and good He is.  It's realigning ourselves with how God intends us … [Read More...]

Refine Your Talents to Align with Your Purpose

God designed each human being with unique talents, gifts, and abilities that are meant to be developed for His glory. An undeveloped talent is like a fertilized field that never grows, a muscle that withers from atrophy, or a promise unfulfilled. An … [Read More...]

If He Cares for the Birds, How Much More Does He Care for You?

Living on a farm has so many joys but it also brings heartbreak. For example, last week a hawk flew down and took out my four baby turkeys. I had only had them for three weeks and they were getting to place where they followed me around all over the … [Read More...]

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Diva Diddlies! (News & Current Events)

Gone Overboard with Your Finances? How to Get Back on Track

Going overboard with your finances is not hard to accomplish. Experts have said that the average American family owes $7,500 in credit card debt. If that were not enough, many people now owe more than their home is even worth. But alas, all is not … Read More...

What to Do with Unwanted Christmas Presents?

It happens to all of us. We open Christmas gifts only to find that one or some of them are just not what we want or need. Maybe it's not something dreadfully tasteless (or maybe it is); maybe it's just something you can't use, such as nice earrings … Read More...

The Reality of Rape Culture

This article is a response to an article written by Sezin Koehler, on TheSocietyPages.org.  Warning: Censored language. Rape Culture.  Sounds scary, doesn’t it?  It may not be a phrase you’ve heard before, but it is one that has been … Read More...

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Outstanding Divas Making a Difference in the World


Women Making A Difference: Somy Ali, founder of No More Tears

It’s 2013, things like domestic violence and violence against women don’t exist. Right? Wrong. According to a study by the World Health Organization, “almost one third (30%) of all women who have been in a relationship have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner.” This study was not done 50 years ago, it […]

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Digital Divas – Technology & Gadgets


Best Hobby On A Budget: Reading

Avid readers have always known the value of a good – or even a mediocre – book. The escape involved in delving into the text, the educational value, the entertainment, the creativity... all of it is simply a fantastic time for anyone. Which is something that a sad number of people have not yet … [Read More...]


After You Publish Your Blog Post: TO-DO

You have done it, you have written yet another informative, insightful and fantastic blog post. You know that it can offer readers something great...but you still feel a little sad. Why? Because you know that few people will read it, thanks to the lack of traffic you have been getting to your past … [Read More...]


7 Pinterest Boards for Awesome Content Ideas

Is there a better source of inspiration these days than Pinterest? Having a purely visual reference can go far when it comes to drawing up a game plan for any content-based medium. But I find it is especially true for blogs, infographics or guest posts. It is a quick stop for sparking an idea, which … [Read More...]

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food high in potassium

Food High in Potassium

The human body is a machine of wonder. When given the right fuel, it will perform at peak condition. One component of a healthy machine is potassium. What Is Potassium? Potassium is an electrolyte, denoted on the periodic table by a “K.” It works in the body in conjunction with sodium to keep … [Read More...]

tomato recipes

Delicious and Healthy Summer Tomato Recipes

When it comes to warmer weather, we want to eat lighter. One way to do that is to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. One that you need to include is tomatoes. What is it about tomatoes that we love so much? They are a sign that warmer weather is here. A good summer tomato makes it … [Read More...]

diabetes friendly recipes kids

Diabetes Friendly Recipes for Kids

Diabetes can affect young and old alike. It is important to check your blood sugar and keep it regulated. For kids, here are some friendly recipes that won’t spike the blood sugar. What Is Diabetes? There are two types – Type 1 and Type 2. Children may have either type. Type 1 diabetes occurs … [Read More...]

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summer beauty tips to keep cool

Summer Beauty Tips to Keep Cool

This summer, you can expect the heat and humidity that always comes along with all the fun the season offers. It can be hard to feel beautiful when you're dripping sweat under a head of frizzy hair! Here are some beauty tips for summer so help you keep a glowing, vibrant look despite the … [Read More...]

tips making your wardrobe look expensive

Tips for Making Your Wardrobe Look Expensive

Let's face it - sometimes we want to look classy and elegant but just can't or don't want to spend the money. Besides, many an expensive outfit doesn't necessarily look any better than an inexpensive outfit that's been "decked out" to look pricey. Here are some tips for making your wardrobe look … [Read More...]

glamorous nail designs

Glamorous Nail Designs

There are colors for eyes, lips and cheeks, but what about nails? You can accessorize your look for day, evening, work or social hour - right down to your fingers and toes. Here are some ideas for you beyond the ordinary. Are you game? At one time we were happy with simple clear polish, but no … [Read More...]

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Divas that Garden!

rainy day spring cleaning

Rainy Day Spring Cleaning

Springtime and even early summer can bring a lot of rain in many parts of the country. This means your spring cleaning efforts may get dampened, quite literally. You can't put household items out on the lawn for cleaning, for instance, and you can't … [Read More...]

home and garden safety

Home and Garden Safety – A Checklist

There are hazards in your home and garden that you might overlook. It's good to take a fresh look at the home and garden and see what might or might not pose a danger, and how to keep your home and garden safe. Here is a checklist to help you have … [Read More...]

How to Plan Your Closet Makeover

How to Plan Your Closet Makeover

Tired of a cluttered closet? Do you waste time each morning looking for clothing and accessories? Do you forget that you have certain items simply because they’re buried in your closet? A closet makeover may be in order. Here’s how to plan it … [Read More...]

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Divas Health Journal!

children healthy exercise habits

How to Help Your Children Develop Healthy Exercise Habits

Obesity is now an epidemic for kids. The habits that kids have developed have led to sedentary lifestyles, lack of proper nutrition and weight gain. But, you can assist your kids in making changes that will improve their health. Children are not … [Read More...]

seven tips safely storing breastmilk

Seven Tips for Safely Storing and Using Breastmilk

There are all kinds of reasons why moms decide to store their breastmilk. Often, it's because she needs to return to work; other times, she just wants some flexibility and a break from breastfeeding. Whatever the reason, safe storage and usage tips … [Read More...]

beauty tips healthy summer skin

Beauty Tips for Healthy Summer Skin

As the weather gets warmer, we all want to shed the heavy clothing and invite the sun in. But, the sun can be harsh on tender skin. Here are a few beauty tips to help keep your skin healthy in the hottest weather. Did you know that the skin is the … [Read More...]

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Divas that Review (Reviews, Rants & Giveaways!)


Luxury Family Vacations for Less When Renting a Timeshare

Over the summer my son and I went on vacation with our friends, Denise and her son, Logan. Denise has a timeshare and vacations all over the place. This vacation, she and Logan were going to Destin, Florida and invited Spencer and I. We stayed … Read More About Our Reviews & Giveaways

sonic hot dogs - divatalkradio

Sonic’s Dollar Dog Dare on July 23, 2013

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Review of Purex Dryer Sheets by DivaTalkRadio

Review: Purex Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

I've always been a huge fan of Purex laundry soap as it seems to be the only detergent that doesn't cause my skin to itch. So when Purex contacted me to review their new and improved dryer fabric softener sheets I couldn't resist. The smell is so … Read More About Our Reviews & Giveaways

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Family & Relationships

family financially fit

Is Your Family Financially Fit?

Are you pretty sure you’re financially fit? Or are you thinking something could be improved? Sometimes, it’s hard to know just what “financially fit” means to begin with. Here is some information to help you determine where your family is on financial fitness. It’s Called “Financial Fitness” for a Reason Financial fitness is analogous to […]

how to develop couponing mindset

How to Develop a Couponing Mindset

There’s a difference between wanting to save money with coupons and actually clipping them and using them. In fact, many people clip coupons from time to time. However, they often forget to use them. You can use those coupons, clip more coupons, and save more money with a couponing mindset. What Is a Couponing Mindset? […]

summer babysitting jobs teens

Summer Babysitting Jobs for Teens

Babysitting is a time-honored way for teens to earn money in the summer. Even with the internet and innovative new business ideas, babysitting is still a viable and needed summer job for teens. Here are some things to consider as you think about babysitting this summer. 1. Training Yes, there’s training available for babysitters. Your […]

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