Alicia Cramer on the Subconscious Power to Succeed


We had a great time as Alicia Cramer came and shared with the Diva’s how combining mindset tools with energy tools can  bring a huge shift in our results. This is because our unconscious beliefs drive most of our behaviors.

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Alicia D. Cramer C.Ht. Blends Science and Spirituality to Help You Overcome Your Obstacles to Success.  Alicia not just a Hypnotherapist, she’s  a Success Coach, EFT practitioner and Ordained Minister. Alicia utilizes a powerful approach to inner and outer transformation.

It’s been estimated by the year 2032 over half of the population will be obese.


Health care professionals are warning that people need to use active coping strategies, day-in and day-out, to prevent weight gain, but unfortunately, most do not succeed. In order to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle we must change the way we act and change the way we think.

Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss: A Proactive Solution for Life- Long Results

Hypnotherapy is a proactive, beneficial tool that can help people lose weight and accomplish their goals. By using verbal suggestions during a hypnotic state of heightened awareness, hypnotherapists are able to reinforce positive thinking, address conflicts, and encourage mental rewiring. Mental rewiring is creating or changing neurological pathways in our brains to help change the way we respond to or view a situation.

You can find her at



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