Recap: Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith Shares How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith was our guest today instructing us in true healthy weight loss as a journey. We focused on asking yourself the right questions as you get fit. Then she told us more about her … [Read more...]

Stop Child Trafficking Now with Elisha Krauss & the Divas

We were feeling super powerful on this week's show to learn how horrible the Child Sex Trade industry is in our own U.S.A, but also what we can do to end it! Our guest Alisha Krauss has been with Stop … [Read more...]

Discover Your Destiny with Robert Ricciardelli

The Diva's were thrilled to welcome a dear friend of Diva Gina's, Robert Ricciardelli. Robert brings a unique gift of connecting people together. Here's some things we gleaned from him: The … [Read more...]

Green Skies, Blue Grass and Deb Scott

Hey It was great having Deb Scott, the author of The Sky is Green and the Grass is blue! Deb shared a bit of her overcoming story to remind us that no matter where you've come  from - you can create a … [Read more...]

Does Your Website Need a Copywriting Detective?

Hey Diva's. If you run a service based business, than check this out. Our guest was Cathy Goodwin PHD - the Copywriting Detective The Copywriting Detective … [Read more...]

Celeste Thorson – Actress, Model, Activist shares with the Divas

When Celeste Thorson came on DivaTalkRadio - she raised our faith for what is possible when a new opportunity arrives. As a  star on Destination X Hawaii, Celeste told us some steps that led to such a … [Read more...]

Stop Procrastinating and Make a Difference!

Our guest, Brenda Jones did a lot more on our show than simply tell us about her company, Hug Wraps. She imparted to us that fiery  spirit that says, "Take action now!" When Brenda got cancer, she … [Read more...]

Show Recap: Reinventing Ourselves with Steve Olsher

Steve Olsher pushed us to discover our own "what" to line up our life's purpose. You can do it! You can reach him at If you want a "Journey to You a Step by Step Guide … [Read more...]

Show Recap: How to Finally Lose the Weight and Keep it Off With Michelle Pearl

SHOW RECAP: Our Guest Michelle Pearl had some startling and disturbing insight followed by very ENCOURAGING and practical steps to finally losing weight and keeping it off. After a lifetime of … [Read more...]

Abundance Lessons from WebsitesGiveBack

What a great show with Elena Patrice of! Elena shares the steps and her mother took to create a new business when funding for their publishing company went away.  Wow!  Imagine … [Read more...]