Kristyn Burtt Inspires the Divas


TV personality, Kristyn Burtt was such an encouraging guest on Diva Talk Radio. If you have ever spent your life training for one beloved career and want to know about doing something different, you will appreciate this show. She also gave us a true behind the scenes glimpse of  why we can feel absolutely beautiful right now, instead of comparing ourselves to the superstars we see in the movies.

Kristyn Burtt is a Streamy Award nominated host, new media producer, and pop culture writer.  She began her hosting career with a children’s dance video teaching the world how to Electric Slide and Hokey Pokey.  Since then, she has moved on to more serious ventures with the pilot episodes of The Arena with Jesse Ventura on MSNBC and host/reporter stints with QVC, ShopNBC, and PAX. She just completed coverage for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards from the Nominations to the Red Carpet for Starpulse and Mingle Media TV. With 5 running infomercials, she is also a fixture on televisions all across the globe.

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As the CEO of the Business and Learning, Kelli Claypool works with business owners & Entrepreneurs to maximize their efficiency through systems and processes in order to increase their bottom line, allowing them to work fewer hours, and live their ultimate lifestyle. She is also the Host of the wildly popular DivaTalkRadio show, which features victorious women who are leaders in all areas of their lives. Kelli also speaks at Women's Conferences on a variety of topics that inspire, encourage, and uplift women of all ages. Kelli surrounds herself with friends and colleagues who have the desire to succeed in all areas of life; financially, spiritually, and physically. “There is nothing standing in your way to prosperity and abundance, but you!” says Kelli. You can connect with Kelli at the Business and Learning or at Diva Talk Radio

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