Stephanie Ford Inspires the Divas with Fashion tips

Stephanie Ford inspired us to Dress to Manifest our unique personalities. What a fun show.
Stephanie was working in the IT industry and enjoyed traveling across the country as an IT consultant but really wanted to share her purpose and talents and chose the fashion industry.
Stephanie is now passionate about helping women learn to express themselves holistically through what they wear.
We have power to bring visual impact through our fashion. A key to great fashion is knowing who you are.
We can start by looking at color: This communicates mood.
Yellow is  great for getting your point across.
Brown or black and neutrals communicate you being more laid back, more introspective
Red conveys fieryness
Stephanie has created style guides  some examples include –
1. Flames – light up the room, may like sequins and bling
2. the Nobles – the baby blue, powder blue & mauve. Calm & very refined & strong. With a high class attitude, sophisticated.
5. The Royals – similar to Nobles but operate as top level individuals – orange, regal golds, can wear furs, animal prints

You can reach Stephanie at

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