Housewife Bliss with Coryanne Etienne

Coryanne shared with us her transition from corporate world to life as a stay at home mom and then a work from home mom.

She was trying so hard to be “more than a stay-at-home mom,” that she nearly killed herself working on her Master’s in Philosophy  from Kings College in London.  She finally learned some keys to living peacefully at home on a dramatic pay decrease.

Some keys:

1. Invite people into your home, instead of meeting at cafe’s.

2. Relationships with other mothers blossomed in this season, and she learned to let go of any shame over any lacking cooking skills.

3. She learned to be proud to say, “I am a housewife!” With a smile and with her shoulders back. That’s when she realized that many people would have loved to live that stay at home role.

4. Reveling in the enjoyment of the moment is priceless!

Kelli admitted that she is not a kitchen lover. In fact, as a very young bride, she once wrote to the Betty Crocker Cooking Club to cancel her membership because they kept sending her recipes involving a Dutch Oven and by golly, she had an American Oven! Twenty years later, she discovered what a dutch oven is.

This creates cooking anxiety.

Regarding cooking anxiety: Learn that nothing has to be perfect! Enjoy the process and being in the company of friends and loved ones!

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About Coryanne Etienne: As a wife, and the mother of 3 young children, inspiration for her business is taken from daily life, and infused from her experiences living in Europe, Asia and Africa.  Prior to starting Housewife Bliss in 2010, Coryanne Ettiene earned a Master of Philosophy from Kings College London and spent over 10 years working as a management consultant. When she left her job in management consulting to focus on motherhood, it took her time to embrace the value of her new role and find the right balance between the woman she was before and the woman she was becoming.  During this transition, Coryanne devoured books on domestication, cooking and gardening, and soon discovered that her new place in society held an equally important role as her last.

In 2010, this journey into domestication became the motivation behind Housewife Bliss, and today she promotes the message that the modern traditionalist housewife is a woman who manages her home with pride, has a passion for traditional domestic arts, and above all is not defined by her home, but rather defines her home.

To learn more about Coryanne and her passion for domesticity, visit, follow @housewifebliss on Twitter or Fan the Housewife Bliss page on Facebook.

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